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All our cakes are available for pre-ordering 4 or more days prior to pick-up or delivery date.

Customisable sizes (smaller or larger than 14cm) are available. Please kindly note that we require at least 2 weeks advance notice for such special requests. Drop us a PM via Instagram or Facebook or email us to enquire.

Sizes Available

Petit cake
~ 7 cm - 1 pax

Whole cake
14 cm - 4 to 6 pax

whole cakes

lola big.png


guava pineapple mousse cake

guava | pineapple |


morrie big.png


classic mont blanc mousse cake

chestnut | chantilly cream |


elijah big.png


white chocolate lime mousse cake

white chocolate | lime | yuzu |


antoine big.png


pear caramel mousse cake

white wine poached pears | caramel | hazelnut

denise big.png


yakult grapefruit apple mousse cake

yakult | grapefruit | apple |

souffle cheesecake

walt big.png

seasonal tarte

new flavour every month

black forest tarte | tarte tatin| lime peach tarte | strawberry mint tarte


4 days prior

Special Request
2 weeks in advance

Same-day pickups
limited flavours available please DM, WhatsApp or call to enquire

little pleasures

petit cakes

Our sweets in individual portions for happier bellies.

Available for takeaway in a set of 4. Mix and match your favourite cake flavours.

laila mini.jpg


matcha mango mousse cake

Adding a twist, we paired matcha with mango and almonds, giving our beloved Laila a taste of summer.

sue mini.jpg


litchi pineapple kiwi mousse cake

A lychee gâteau with tropical fruits, inspired by our chef owner's resilient and radiant mother, Sue.

natashia mini.jpg


apple cider chestnut mousse cake

The perfect gâteau de noël for Christmas partying in your bellies during this most wonderful time of the year. 

thalia mini.jpg


dark chocolate banana lime mousse cake

Dark chocolate banana lime mousse cake. Indulge in the perfect blend of chocolate, bananas, lime, and oats for a delightful breakfast-in-cake experience, ensuring a happy belly all day.

sheena mini.jpg


fromage blanc cherry pistachio mousse cake

For our chef owner's best pal's love of all cheeses with a tint of whisky, just as she likes it. And for the perfect union, with a dash of pistachio and cherries on top.

melissa mini.jpg


honey mango mousse cake

A delightful fusion of French techniques and Cantonese flavors with our chef's take on the classic mango pomelo sago dessert, guiding your senses on a comforting journey.

fiona mini.jpg


champagne strawberry mousse cake

The perfect pairing of our chef owner's bestie’s love for Champagne and her adoration for strawberries.

jovie mini.jpg


mirabelle peach umeshu mousse cake

With a combination of stone fruits (mirabelle plum and white peach) with a tint of umeshu, just the right cake to welcome the jolly new year with.

petit cake 2

dine-in menu

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