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our story

rainbows and smiles

The sight of a rainbow brings instant smiles. And that’s what we at Arc-en-ciel  (pronounced as “ar-kon-see-ell”, means rainbow in french) hope for you too. Indulge in our sweets that will bring big happy smiles on your faces.

Because that’s why we do what we do, and hope to bring more smiles in your lives through us.

"Your smiles mean the world to me and are what keep me going every day."
- Jiawen, Head Pâtissière 


our world of inspiration

Many of our creations have been inspired by our pastry chef’s cake adventures overseas. She has always been intrigued by unique flavour pairings and a cake with just that would always be her first pick from the cake display counter. A single bite of that unique tasting cake sends her mind racing into the world of inspiration and to the land of sweets.

That’s why our menu features both classic flavours and impossible flavour pairings for the more adventurous souls. Take a bite of our pastry chef’s unique creations and get a glimpse of her world of inspiration.

season fruits_edited.jpg

the taste of seasons

Every one of our creations is made with lots of love, smiles and with the best ingredients.

Our travels to cake kingdoms abroad have taught us that the best flavours are when they are in season. That’s when you get the best, the richest and the most bombardistic explosion of flavours in your mouth. That’s why sometimes we switch up our menu because we only want the best taste in your bellies.

balance is key

We always want our customers to have the best cake experience with us. Lots of thought and heart go into creating each and every one of our cakes, from conceptualisation to execution, down to how the cake will be decorated.

As we try out new flavours, we play through actual scenarios of what a customer may experience with a single bite of our cakes. We try to avoid having a flavour too tangy or sour for some, or too in-your-face sweet, or too “flat” for others. You will find our creations trying to hit the right spot with distinctively different flavour profiles - sour with sweet, salty with bitter. We want to give you a great balance of taste in a single mouthful, never too overwhelming or underwhelming for any single person.

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